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How Does Priestley Present The Character Of Inspector.

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The main characters in An Inspector Calls are the Birling family, Gerald Croft and Inspector Goole. The Inspector’s investigation aims to teach each character a lesson.

Inspector Google Character Essay Template

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Weighing up all of the information of the inspector, he is a very mysterious and omnipotent character, therefore he can get into the minds of the Birlings, and change their opinions. Priestley used dramatic tension, so the inspector draws in the audience by pausing, speaking short, brief sentences and saying things the audience and other characters would have never expected. The inspector.

Inspector Google Character Essay Template

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An explanation of Inspector Goole's character in JB Priestley's play 'An Inspector Calls'. The clip looks at how the Inspector shows humanity towards the Birlings and understands the journey they.


The Role and Function of the Inspector in J B Priestley's An Inspector Calls In 'An Inspector Calls', the main character is 'Inspector Goole'. Everything revolves around him and he is in control of the audience, characters and story. The story was set in 1912 and much of the context of the time relates to the Inspector's questioning of the Birling's. Inspector Goole is continuously trying to.

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To what extent is Shelia Birling an important character in.

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How Does Priestley Present the Inspector in an Inspector.

It also introduces a new character- Inspector Goole. This affects the mood and personality of the other characters; Mr. Birling instantly tries to show the inspector that he is the alpha with a high up status, “I was an alderman for years- and Lord Mayor two years ago”, he tries to show the inspector his authority by name dropping. However the inspector is not interested and this surprises.


An analysis of how the society is interconnected in an inspector's call In An Inspector Calls, J.B. Priestley expresses the importance of the interconnected nature of society through his exploration of how his characters react to their responsibility; this theme is also addressed through ideas of society present both at the time of writing and when the.

The Inspector is non merely a ego proclaimed storyteller, but he is besides a critical character and if his secret of non being a existent Inspector had non come out, so this would non hold been evident and would non be such a large portion in the drama. As the drama developed and it becomes clear that the Inspector was an imposter, the audience are made to believe about what the function of.


In Nikolai Gogol's play The Government Inspector, set in provincial Russia, more than 80 years before the Russian Revolution, the character Ivan Alexandrovich Khlestakov is an upper-class gentleman.

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Inspector Google Character Essay Template

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The Government Inspector study guide contains a biography of Nikolai Gogol, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

Inspector Google Character Essay Template

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Inspector Google Character Essay Template

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Inspector Google Character Essay Template

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The victim in the play, and its most mysterious character. Inspector Goole begins by telling Arthur that a girl named Eva Smith has killed herself, and Arthur recalls a girl of that name in his employ whom he dismissed because she asked for a raise. Other characters claim to know different girls of different names, including “Daisy Renton,” who, the Inspector asserts, are all the same.

Inspector Google Character Essay Template

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